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Sysmex Journal International Vol.23 No.1 2013
Date Feb 25, 2013

Thank you for your interest in Sysmex Journal International.

Today we are pleased to announce new article of  Sysmex Journal International Vol.23 (No.1)
The article is disclosed in both PDF and HTML format.

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The title of the article is below. Additional articles will be disclosed in the near future.


<<Republished Article>>
Evaluation of Factor XIII Activity Using Berichrom FXIII Chromogenic Assay on the Fully-Automated Coagulation Analyzer CS-2000i
 -Based on Comparisons with Universal Biochemical Analyzer and Antigen Method-

<<Introduction of Product> 

Overview of the Automated Coagulation Analyzer CS-5100

<<Technical Report>> 

Novel Therapies push the agenda for transformation of historical diagnostic and management approaches
Sysmex Journal International Vol.23 No.1

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