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Disclosure of the new issue of Sysmex Journal International Vol.16 (No.2)
Date Sep 08,2006
We are very glad to publish Sysmex Journal International Vol. 16 No.2 2006 for all customers in the world.
All articles are disclosed as a PDF files and HTML on the Scientific Support page.
You can read and print out any articles with your ID and password.

The titles of the articles are as follows;

<<Original Articles>>
(1) Haematological Reference Ranges for Adults in Zimbabwe
(2) Prevalence and Clinico-Hematologic Scenario of Von Willebrand Diseasa in a Population of Filipinos with Bleed Tendency
(3) Determining the Time of Harvesting Peripheral Blood Stem Cells Using the HPC, for Monitoring Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells of the Automated Hematology Analyzer XE-2100
<<Republish Articles>>
*These two articles are translatd and republished from the Magazine of Japanese Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards.
(1) I-2 JCCLS Document GP3-P1 Proposed Guideline for “Urinary Reagent Strip Method” (Supplement)
- For standardization of label displays for test areas for urine protein, urine glucose, and urine occult blood -
(2) I-4 Report of the Urinalysis Testing Standards Committee
Japanese Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (JCCLS)
*These two articles are republished from the Dade Behring Journal winter 2005/2006 VOL.3 NO.3 Special Edition : Hemostasis.
(3) PT-Multi Calibrator
Unrivaled Accuracy and Result Confidence
(4) Fibrin detection
Clinical application of D-dimer-assay
(1) Report of the Sysmex Hematology Seminar 2006
Sysmex Journal International Vol.16 No.2
What's New 2006
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