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Disclosure of the new issue of Sysmex Journal International Vol.16 (No.1)
Date February 14,2006
We are very glad to publish Sysmex Journal International Vol. 16 No.1 2006 for all customers in the world.
All articles are disclosed as a PDF files and HTML on the Scientific Support page.
You can read and print out any articles with your ID and password.

The titles of the articles are as follows;

<<Tribute to Dr. Rowan>>
(1) Robert Martin Rowan
(2) A Giant Lying Bebeath a Small Gravestone in the Corner of a Garden
(3) Obituary : Dr. Martin Rowan
(4) Martin Rowan, the Sysmex Scientific Adviser and Friend
(5) A Little Red Book - an encounter with Dr. Rowan
<<Original Article>>
  Comparison of Automated Immature Granulocyte (IG) Count on Sysmex XE-2100 Analyser with Manual Microscopy
<<Technical Report>>
  The Thing about Fluorescence Technology
  Report of the Sysmex Scientific Seminar 2005
Sysmex Journal International Vol.16 No.1
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