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Sysmex Corporation treats all personal information provided by our customers via this website with the strictest confidentiality. We do our utmost to protect our customers' privacy.
Before you use this website, you are advised to read through our Principles in Handling Personal Information described below.

Principles in Handling Personal Information
Sysmex Corporation (hereinafter "The Corporation") uses personal information provided by our customers for the purposes listed below:

To register customers for our various different membership services.
To enable customers to join our contests, lotteries, and other events.
To enable customers to order our periodical publications, books, digital contents, and other items.
To enable customers to apply for our tradeshows, seminars, etc.
To enable customers to apply for commissioned tests.

Under normal circumstances, we will never disclose any of a customer's personal information to any parties other than those organizations involved in our operations and our subcontractors who strictly comply with our Principles in Handling Personal Information.
In case, however, we determine that a customer can cause disadvantage to a third party, we are authorized to disclose that particular customer's information to the third party, the police department, and/or other related organizations. In addition, if legislation or legal authorities compel disclosure of a customer's information, we are authorized to make such disclosure.
In the event that you hope to disclose, correct, or erase any information that you have provided to us, please click *here.* We will confirm your identification. Providing your identification is confirmed, we will respond to your requests as far as they are reasonable.

"Cookies" refer to technology that logs and manages information concerning users of a website in the hard drive of a computer. Such technology enables users to navigate frequently visited websites more simply and efficiently.
Some pages of our website use such cookies for your convenience. In the event that you disable the use of cookies by changing the cookie-related settings of your browser, all or some of the services on our website might become unavailable to you.

Information on our personal information manager
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